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I am Viktor Klang, a finder, researcher, problem solver, improver of things, life-long student, developer/programmer, leader, mentor/advisor, public speaker, fly-fisher, and Islay Single Malt fan—amongst others.

In my professional career I’ve focused on enabling developers to choose to have both developer productivity and software scalability. The mere notion that there is a tradeoff between the two has always rung false to me.

I blog about technology.


Since 2010 I’ve been working for Lightbend Inc. As the first employee of what was then called «Scalable Solutions» my responsibilities have changed over time: from first working on the Akka team; to leading it; to becoming the first Dir. Eng. in the company; then Chief Architect; and most recently, since 2015, I serve as Deputy CTO.

Between 2003 and 2010 I worked for Yves Rocher Suéde AB building their «Next Generation» Enterprise Management System, starting as a Junior Software Developer and leaving as Systems Architect.

Professional highlights

I am one of the earliest, and most prolific, contributors to the Akka Project, which was started by Jonas Bonér. I was Akka’s Tech Lead between 2011 and 2012—preceded by Jonas Bonér and superseded by Roland Kuhn.

In 2013 I helped found the Reactive Streams Initiative which I have since then stewarded, together with a group of world-class contributors.
There is now a JVM version and a .NET version, and it is included in Java 9.

I co-authored Scala Improvement Proposal 14—scala.concurrent—in 2012, and have been maintaining it since then.

Also, I am a co-author of Scala Improvement Proposal 20 (improved lazy val initialization).

I’ve been ranked, by Computer Sweden, amongst the Best Software Developers in Sweden, as the 11th (2016); 18th (2015); and 15th (2012).

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