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I am Viktor Klang, a programmer, researcher, problem solver, life-long student, leader, mentor/advisor, public speaker, Java Champion, and Porsche enthusiast.

In my professional career I’ve focused on enabling developers to choose to have both developer productivity and software scalability. That there is a tradeoff between the two has always rung false to me.

I blog about technology.


Since 2010 I’ve been working for Lightbend Inc. As the first employee of what was then called «Scalable Solutions» my responsibilities have changed over time: from first working on the Akka team; to leading it; to becoming the first Dir. Eng. in the company; then Chief Architect; and since 2015, I serve as Head of Cloud Engineering and Deputy CTO.

Between 2003 and 2010 I worked for Yves Rocher Suéde AB building their «Next Generation» Enterprise Management System, starting as a Junior Software Developer and leaving as Systems Architect.

Professional highlights

In 2019, together with my colleagues Jonas Bonér and James Roper, I created Cloudstate.io—a novel solution which allows developers to create stateful serverless applications on top of Kubernetes, using practically any programming language.

I am one of the earliest, and most prolific, contributors to the Akka Project, which was started by Jonas Bonér. I was Akka’s Tech Lead between 2011 and 2012—preceded by Jonas Bonér and superseded by Roland Kuhn.

In 2013 I helped found the Reactive Streams Initiative which I have since then stewarded, together with a group of world-class contributors.
There is now a JVM version and a .NET version, and it is included in Java 9.

I co-authored Scala Improvement Proposal 14—scala.concurrent—in 2012, and have been maintaining it since then.

Also, I am a co-author of Scala Improvement Proposal 20 (improved lazy val initialization).

I’ve been ranked, by Computer Sweden, amongst the Best Software Developers in Sweden, as the 11th (2016); 18th (2015); and 15th (2012).

In 2018 I was elected Java Champion.

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